Cape Blanco Heritage Society

Cape Blanco Lighthouse by Darren Evans


If you would like to get involved in a CBHS Project, contact us and we will make arrangements to get you started. Several projects are underway! We will keep our members informed on our website.

SAVE OUR LIGHTHOUSE“Save Our Lighthouse” is our effort to help re-open the Cape Blanco Lighthouse tower to the public for tours (It has been closed since 2020). It initially began as a letter-writing campaign in which we wrote our partners, government leaders, area businesses, and national agencies to raise awareness of our lighthouse. We also had our first ever Lighthouse Day to support the situation at Cape Blanco. Artists have stepped up and are donating work to help the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, and now our efforts are beginning to gain traction outside the arts community.

LIFEBOAT No. 36498 RESTORATION — We thank the Curry County Cultural Coalition for an initial grant to repair the exterior following standards of historic preservation. The project includes partially enclosing the shelter housing the boat by installing protective plexiglass at the fore and aft of the lifeboat to prevent future damage. UPDATE: Come visit the Port Orford Lifeboat Station to see the beautiful restoration work of Lifeboat No. 36498 and the protective enclosure built by Oregon State Parks! Special thanks to our CBHS members who donated to this project.

MUSEUM "OPEN" — We are digitizing our collections — not simply the photographs, maps and documents which most people think of when archival materials come to mind. We are digitizing and cataloguing every artifact we have at each of the three CBHS locations beginning with our newsletter, the Heritage Journal. We have received an Oregon Museum Grant to digitize historic Port Orford Newspapers to be made available in 2023/24. We want to make certain that we preserve our history for generations to come. UPDATE: Port Orford History dating back 100 years is now being made available online through the University of Oregon's Digital Newspaper Program. Enjoy!

HUGHES HOUSE INVENTORY — CBHS is working with Oregon State Parks to document inventory at the Hughes House. This will involve going through historic records and people's memories to ascertain the origin of all of the items in the Hughes House for the historic record. Stay tuned!

LIVING HISTORY MOVIES — We are looking for volunteers to continue our annual tradition of the Hughes House Living History. Six unique five-minute scenes, written by historian Shirley Nelson, depict Jane’s life at the Hughes House near Cape Blanco in the early 1900s. Our scripts are currently being reviewed, and this may ultimately become a movie project! UPDATE: A new series of movies are available at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse Greeting Center Gift Shop and Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum. Ask one of our hosts to show you a Living History Movie.

THE ART OF CAPE BLANCO / CREATIVITY @ THE HEADS — We have begun profiling area artists who have been inspired by the natural beauty of our CBHS sites. Subscribe to our newsletter for artists profiles, and stay tuned for upcoming art projects. UPDATE: Along with featuring more artists in our gifts shops, we have begun a new Port Orford Jubilee tradition called "Artists at the Hughes House". Come visit and share your creativity! Adding more music events is also in the works.

HUGHES HOUSE CHRISTMAS — Hughes House Christmas is our annual tradition where we invite area businesses, organizations, and community groups to decorate the 3,000 square foot, 11-room ranch pioneer home constructed of old growth Port Orford cedar to a theme. Sometimes we partner with other groups to organize events such as tea parties and catered meals. UPDATE: This Hughes House Walkthrough created during our holiday festivities in 2023. Have an idea for a holiday theme? Let us know!

OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES — We are always seeking volunteers (tour docents, greeting center cashiers, membership chairperson, committee members, newsletter article writers, Living History actors, etc.). Contact CBHS at 541-332-0521 or email us for more information.

Learn more on our Volunteers page.