CBHS News of Note

CBHS NEWS of NOTE 🎶 A New CBHS Monthly Publication

CBHS is introducing a new monthly format covering activities and stories in greater depth that do not fit neatly in our regular quarterly newsletter focused on our three sites. We have entitled our new publication “News of Note 🎵” with a focus on arts, culture, heritage and history of our area and of interest to CBHS. The notes (♪) will be released during the months when we do not publish the quarterly and will be freely available on our website.

Below are our issues to date:

Nov 2023 Lifeboat Station Museum
The Old Boathouse, Riley Creek School Field Trip, 2023 Annual Membership Meeting
Oct 2023 Heritage Journal ~ Volume 13 / Issue 4 **
Sept 2023 Cape Blanco Lighthouse
CBHS featured on USLHS Light-Hearted, David Zapatka to capture Cape Blanco Lighthouse in 2024
Aug 2023 Hughes House & Ranch
Artists at the Hughes House debuts, CBHS Society Backpage (Kammeroque Ensemble)
July 2023 Heritage Journal ~ Volume 13 / Issue 3 **

** THE HERITAGE JOURNAL VAULT - We are also gradually publishing our newsletter archives as part of our Museum OPEN project which will be digitally available to our CBHS Membership. If you would like to gain full access to these archives, please consider becoming a CBHS member. The newsletter volumes can also be viewed digitally at each of our CBHS locations beginning in 2024.

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