The Man Who Built the Station…


Julius Yahasz

Julius Yuhasz


The contract to build the Port Orford Lifeboat Station was awarded to Julius Yuhasz and his partner Arvid Olson.  Yuhasz and Olson were builders and architects who bid on government jobs during the Depression, which allowed them to provide well for their families despite the economic turmoil in the country.  When they were awarded a contract, they moved their families to the location of the job.  The Olson and Yuhasz families lived in Port Orford from 1932 until contract completion in 1934.  The Olsons lived in the building that is now the Holly House Inn.


Margaret Yuhasz (1919)

Margaret Yuhasz – 1919

Julius Yahasz with daughter Margaret

Julius with daughter Margaret


Julius Yuhasz (spelled Juhasz in the original Hungarian) was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1898.  His wife Margaret was born in Hungary in 1897.  They had two children, Julius and Margaret.  Daughter Margaret describes him as “a good father but with a quick temper and salty vocabulary.”  After completion of the Port Orford job, the family returned to Gary, Indiana.  Shortly after that, Julius was diagnosed with cancer; he died in 1937 at age 39.

The Point Orford Heritage Society expresses its appreciation to Sheila Yuhasz Logston (granddaughter of Julius Yuhasz) for providing the photographs and information above.